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Manta Ray
A friendly manta ray joins a group of divers at a safety stop.

An Octopus looking out from his home in a paint tin discarded from a local cargo boat.

Turtles are often seen when diving in tropical areas.

Mandarin Fish
The very shy Mandarin Fish are found in colonies at several dive sites


Pygmy Seahorse
Another very rare critter!

Manta Ray Somersault
Manta rays are showoffs when they get used to scuba divers. Take a look at this one looping the loop when he spots the video camera.

Manta Ray Loop
The mantas know that we're here and come in to take a look.

Drifting Reef
Do you like clear water, marine biodiversity and a gentle drift along the reef? Take a look at this reef!

Small fish, big fish
Small fish survive by moving together and continuously, the one that makes a mistake is dinner for the hunter. Only problem is that you have to hunt yourself, this is a perfect example of relativity