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So, you have a thirst for adventure! Perhaps you dream of scuba diving among porpoises in the Caribbean or floating through space like an astronaut on a deep wall dive in Mexico. Most of us never dare to act on our dreams or admit to a great inner desire for adventure.

Captain Darrick Lorenzen's Divemax Scuba Instruction specializes in organizing and guiding fundamental dive training and dive travel. We work with our clients personally to help them reach their goals. We guarantee to maximize the safety and success of your dive training or travel experience. We invite you to immerse yourself in an adventure which offers something beyond the power of words to describe. We invite you to place yourself in our good hands.

Captain Darrick Lorenzen is personally offering scuba diving instruction to new candidates at various locations in Chicago and the suburbs.

If you are motivated, this fun and intensive course, will put you at the educational level of an advanced diver. Upon completion of the course you will:
(1) Qualify for your Certification-Card enabling you to experience diving adventures worldwide.
(2) Correctly exhibit the skills of a safe and competent diver.
(3) Adequately demonstrate physical and mental fitness.
(4) Competently demonstrate knowledge of diving equipment, diving physiology, and diving physics.

Our unique training and experience allows us to safely and effectively instruct children as young as 12 yrs. and mature adults of 65+ yrs.

Call 773-732-8972 or email captdarrick@divemaxscuba.com, to see if you qualify for this unique experience. RESERVE EARLY COURSES FILL QUICKLY.

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