Scuba diving like golf or tennis is equipment intensive. Recreational diving has grown from an obscure sport practiced by a small band of youthful adventurers into an activity enjoyed by millions. Increasingly sophisticated and reliable equipment, and the training to use it properly, are largely responsible for that growth. Whether an item of gear is considered essential or desirable, each was concieved for safety and function. Aquiring your own dive equipment is a major factor in the enjoyment of the sport. Sure you can rent gear at many dive destinations, but do you really want to rely on much-used rental equipment for your own personal safety. Rental equipment is usually never serviced until it breaks. Are you going to hope that the rental gear doesn't break on your dive to 80 feet?

Owning your own dive gear has many advantages. Learning how to scuba dive involves alot more than learning how to breath through a regulator underwater. You learn the subtleties of precise bouyancy control, swimming and streamlining, and a host of other skills. Aquiring these skills quickly and comfortably has alot to do with the equipment you use. Fit and comfort are the prime criteria in selecting most items of dive gear, and in achieving maximum safety and pleasure underwater. The best way to ensure your gear fits correctly and comfortably is to wear your own. Loaner or rental equipment may not be right for you because of particular features-or lack of them. Features are what distiguishes one item of dive gear from another. When you buy your own gear, your instructor evaluates and chooses the features you need. The process is fun, and adds greatly to your knowledge of diving. Familiarity contributes to a high level of safety, which in turn gives you peace of mind. Having your own equipment makes you a serious diver. The bottom line on equipment ownership: It's the way to achieve maximum safety and enjoyment diving. We at Divemax believe that part of the commitment you are making should include aquiring your own dive gear. It's an excellent investment in yourself and in your future diving adventures.

Divemax is an authorized dealer of Huish Outdoors technical dive gear, Ikelite optical equipment, Pinnacle wetsuits and drysuits,  and Seasoft Scuba. It is our opinion after 30 years of both commercial and recreational diving experience that these manufacturers produce the safest, most innovative, durable, and reliable diving equipment available. Safety is our focus. We are serious about our recommendations.