Dear Gale,

I wanted to make you and your staff aware of an extraordinary experience I had recently pertaining to a program that I took at the Union Station Club.

For many years, I have wanted to learn to scuba dive. I was excited to find that an orientation and course was to be held at the Union Station club. After completing the orientation, I decided to sign up for the program which was offered by your instructor, Captain Darrick Lorenzen.

The course was incredible, and met my every expectation as well as the objectives that Captain Lorenzen set forth in the orientation meeting.

After completing the course I took and passed the Naui Scuba Diver certification exam. If the story stopped here, I would consider the experience one of the more incredible learning experiences I have ever had. But it doesn't end there.

Shortly after I passed my exam, I was diving in deep water in Florida. During one of my dives I had an equipment failure which left me without air in over 90 feet of water...too deep to surface. By all accounts I was in DEEP trouble.

The point of this email is to tell you that equipment failures happen to everyone. But the incredible training I received from Multiplex with Captain Lorenzen does not happened to everyone. The hours of classroom training, more hours of homework and drills and hours in your pool provided me with the skills that I needed.

Instead of panic I experienced calmness as my extraordinary training kicked in and I was able to resolve the problem alone without incident. Suffice it to say that without the excellent training that I received through your club, I might not have been as fortunate.

Later, when I recounted the experience at a dive shop in Clearwater to some divers who lived in Florida they were not as amazed as I was at my experience. Not because it wasn't incredible, they acknowledged that it was. But it turns out that they knew of Captain Lorenzen and confided in me that I had been fortunate to have studied from one of the very best and most experienced in the sport! Imagine my surprise to find that your dive instructor's reputation preceded me to Florida.

So as a testimonial, I wanted to share this experience to thank you first, for the chance to take the Naui Scuba Diver program at your club, and for ensuring that the course was offered by such an incredible instructor.

I will never forget that dive in Florida, nor my very good fortune I have had from my membership at Multiplex. I have since introduced my girlfriend to scuba, and she and her 13 year old son will be taking lessons from Captain Lorenzen in the near future. They are eager to learn to dive, and I would not trust them with any other instructor.

I look forward to many years of safe and enjoyable scuba diving as well as many years as a loyal Multiclub member.

Thank you.

Most sincerely,
Bill Smith

Dear Mr. Stokes,

I wanted to take a few minutes to write you an email expressing mine and my wife's experience at last week's scuba diving class

We first went to the orientation on Tuesday (9/7) and Darrick Lorenzen explained in great detail what the course included physically, mentally and financially. It turns out scuba diving is a little more expensive than we expected, but we were very happy to have all of the costs explained before we committed to the class. We have friends who are certified divers that told us how they were tricked into lower priced courses and later told they had to pay additional fees in order to get certified. This type of honesty from our instructor and Lifetime Fitness make it an easy decision for us to enroll in the course. We were also very impressed with Darrick Lorenzen's credentials and the fact that Lifetime would pay for our course if we found a more qualified and experienced dive instructor. A statement like that tells us that Lifetime is very serious about their programs and our safety.

Our first day was in the classroom. Darrick was very thorough with each topic and made sure we were absolutely clear before moving on. He always provided examples and detailed explanations and was happy to answer any question we had. His knowledge and experience in scuba diving is incredibly extensive.

The second day was in the Lifetime pool. As expected, Darrick was again very thorough with each exercise and skill we had to learn. He always explained the skill we were learning, demonstrated it for us and verified we could repeat it ourselves. A few of the skills were difficult and we had to try them a couple times before we got them right. His patience was greatly appreciated and he was more than happy to go through a skill over and over until we were comfortable. Next month, we are going to a local quarry to finish up our certification with Darrick.

Over the past week, I’ve told several people about our great experience with Darrick and Lifetime Fitness. A couple of our friends who are already Lifetime members are considering signing up for the next course…they didn’t even know it was offered until we told them about it. Obtaining our scuba certification is something my wife and I have wanted to do for a very long time. Thank you very much for offering it at your club and for providing the most qualified and professional instructor.

If you have any questions about the course, feel free to contact myself or my wife anytime.

Thank you,
Brian Pautsch

Dear Patrick,

I recently enrolled in the Divemax introduction to Scuba course offered through Lifetime-Warrenville and wanted to take time out to express my sincere thanks to Lifetime and to Capt. Darrick Lorenzen for offering such a program to its members. Having recently been certified in Basic Scuba and Nitrox, I can say with confidence that Darrick’s credentials are a real credit to his success. Anyone thinking of obtaining a certification card should highly consider taking this NAUI course. Personally, I feel I am a more safe and competent diver for having done so.

Darrick’s training program was very thorough with the utmost emphasis on safety. His commitment and professionalism was exhibited from the very beginning of the course. During orientation, he gave explicit details of what would be expected from his students before obtaining a certification card.

Once again, a very thorough explanation was given regarding the intensive classroom and pool instruction that would follow that weekend. Darrick demonstrated the skills in the pool and then worked with each student individually to ensure they could master those skills. During our open water training, he also made sure we could master those same skills learned in the pool in a real world application.

One of the value added benefits of Darrick’s program is the ability to further your training on a Florida dive trip over the weekend. I took one of these trips in October to Crystal River, FL. with four other students for training and it was a trip I will never forget. We swam with Manatees, having personal interaction with many of these beautiful mammals. We also dove in crystal clear springs and one of the cavern type systems that are typical throughout the area. These places were something you had to see and experience for yourself to explain it.

Thanks again Lifetime for offering value added programs like Divemax Scuba Training. Keep up the good work!

Mr. Christian Andersen